5 Proven Ways to Increase Engagement

5 Proven Ways to Increase Engagement

1. Drawing
Giveaways are a great way to warm up an existing audience and attract a new one.

Let’s look at the example of Lena, whom we know, what is needed for a cool prank:

A great prize: for example, a whole day spent in her salon for all sorts of manicures, styling and body wraps. Please note that the prize must be really good!

Well-thought-out mechanics of the competition: the simpler the conditions, the more participants will be – it has been checked repeatedly. The best option is like and repost link telegram viral. Take into account all the controversial points that may arise and be sure to write them down in the rules.

Advice: but from the point of view of the participants, contests with confusing conditions are the best option and the chances of winning in them are many times higher than in a simple draw.

Compliance with the rules of the social network: do not be lazy to read them before launching the contest. We understand that this is approximately like an instruction for a refrigerator, but a refrigerator cannot block you, but the VK administration can.

Fair selection of the winner and public summing up: believe me, if there is something to complain about, one of the losers will definitely do it and instead of increasing engagement, you will get a blow to your reputation.

Cons: often the bulk of the participants in the competition are lovers of free cheese, who are unlikely to become your customers and fans of the brand over time. To get around this nuance, use a highly specialized prize that is interesting only to your target audience.

2. Gifts to users for activity
With the help of VKontakte applications, you can easily find out who was the most active in your group for a certain period of time. Use this opportunity to encourage the most active participants (just remember that an open call to repost may be poorly received by the social network administration, better limit yourself to likes and comments).

Results are optimally summarized once every one to two weeks.

Attention! This method only works on Vkontakte and is guaranteed to work poorly on groups with extremely low engagement or a small number of participants.

Cons: organizing such an “interactive” on your own is quite difficult, most likely you will have to resort to the help of specialists

3. Publication of material on a controversial topic
iPhone or Samsung? Breastfeed up to three years or give formula from the first days? Cats or dogs? Should I tip the courier who brought the pizza?

Raise topics on which everyone has an opinion – and you are guaranteed to provide your community with a surge of activity.

4. Posting User Content
A proven way to turn customers into brand advocates is to involve them in content creation. For example, encourage them to post a selfie with your product in your group.

How can I do that:

Submit an interesting idea
Promise a bun
Organize a competition
What do brand advocates do? They interact with the profile more often (for example, compare how often you leave likes to posts of friends, and how often to posts of shops). Profit!

5. Games and flash mobs
Whoever guesses how many centimeters this pipe will receive a 50% discount on its installation.
I thought of one product from our assortment. Feel free to ask me questions that I can answer yes or no. Guess – the product is yours (additionally encourages customers to study the assortment).
10 facts about our store, but two of them are not true. Can you guess where the lie is?
What is hidden in the photo?
How many coffee beans fit in our branded box?
Guess how many minutes it will take the courier to deliver your order and get a prize.