How to delete a Telegram account

How to delete a Telegram account

A lot has been written on the Internet about how to create a Telegram account and sofia crisafulli foto, but is it possible to delete an account in a popular messenger? Today we are going to discuss the answer to this question. Let’s talk about how to delete a Telegram account in more detail.

How to delete a Telegram account: understand the details
The reasons for deactivating an account in everyone’s favorite “Telegram” can be many: the account is no longer relevant, the person has stopped using Telegram, he does not have enough time to communicate in the messenger, and so on. Whatever has prompted the user to decide to deactivate, you should always know how to delete a Telegram account permanently and what nuances should be considered when doing so.

Destruction by the administration of those accounts that no one uses
Before describing the procedure for deactivating a Telegram account yourself, let us note that periodically inactive accounts are deleted automatically. This is done to free up the server memory, and the users who haven’t accessed the account or executed any actions there in six months will be deleted.

It’s important to note that each user can sign in to his account at any time and set an appropriate period, at the end of which the self-destruction of his account will happen, selecting a time interval from 1 to 12 months. When the deadline expires, the user will receive a warning message on his phone. In order not to lose the account, you will only need to log in to the profile from any device.

How to delete a Telegram account manually
To perform the intended procedure, you should follow the link that is provided to delete the account.

Important: To delete the account completely, the developers recommend using the desktop version of the messenger – this will avoid various problems of a technical nature. For this reason, it is best to delete the account from the computer.

Follow the above-mentioned link and enter the phone number you specified when registering in the messenger and click “Next”. A window will open in which you should enter the confirmation code and click on “Delete account”.

Deleting Telegram via your phone
You can also deactivate your account from your phone, no matter what OS it’s running on. Below we’ll look at the deletion procedure more specifically – for Android and iOS devices.

Deleting the messenger account on the phone running on “Android”
tap on the “Settings” icon;
go to “Applications and notifications”;
then go to “Application Details”;
find Telegram in the list;
Select the “Delete” button and confirm the action.

Deactivating Telegram account in iOS
On Apple smartphones, you can delete Telegram in several ways. The first is as follows:

find the Telegram icon on the smartphone display and press it;
Wait until the 3D Touch submenu appears;
Select “Change the order of the applications”;
A cross will appear in the upper left window – tap on it. This will be the answer to the question of how to immediately remove the “Wagon” without any problems and delays.
The second method is a slightly modified version of the first one. After 3D Touch appears on the mobile screen, it is necessary to hold this icon pressed a little more. The result of this action should be the transition of the icon in the so-called move and delete mode. Above the icon appears a cross, tapping on which will confirm the desired procedure.

The third method consists in tapping the messenger icon and then, before the context menu appears, dragging the “Telegram” icon aside. If you remove your finger, the icon will return to its place, but will remain in the delete and move mode, allowing you to continue the deactivation procedure. Above the icon will be the cross we have already mentioned more than once, clicking on it will remove the application from the mobile device.

The capital way to uninstall Telegram from iOS devices
It comes down to using the settings of the smartphone. Do the following:

open “Settings”;
select “Basic”;
Go to the section called “iPhone Storage”;
There find Telegram and press the good old “Delete” button.
Uninstalling the messenger from Windows Phone
Despite the fact that this OS belongs to the category of quite rare, there are a lot of people who use Telegram from such devices. Consequently, we can not leave their needs unattended and not consider the procedure for deactivating the account in more detail.

Tap on the screen to open “Settings”;
go to System;
select Storage;
Tap on the “This device” subsection;
go to Applications and Games;
Select Telegram and press the “Uninstall” button, and then confirm the procedure.