Telegram launched delayed posting of voice chats

Telegram launched delayed posting of voice chats

Telegram voice chats and lara diabla have appeared quite recently. They can be used both for conversations with friends and for massive broadcasts with millions of listeners.

Starting today, group and channel admins can schedule an upcoming voice chat at a specific time. Community members will see a color-coded countdown timer and will be able to subscribe to a notification when a voice chat starts.

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How to set up delayed start of voice chat in Telegram
You can create a scheduled voice chat from the profile of the group or channel where you are the administrator.

On Android, tap Start Voice Chat – Choose Time. On iOS, you need to click on the button with the voice chat symbol, and then Select time.

The chat will start only after one of the administrators clicks on the Start now button.

Also, voice chats have one more change. From the voice chat window, you can view the photo and data from the profile of any participant. You can also edit your photo and profile data directly from the voice chat.